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I decided to explore this topic because it was the latest on Pagan Blog Prompts.

They say: “The weather is warming up and the time for planting is close. While somegardeners focus on edibles (veggies and fruits), a lot of Pagans grow herbs for kitchen use as well as magical use. Do you use herbs in your practice? Do you grow them or purchase them from someone else? What are your favorite herbs to work with?”
I use herbs often in my practice & for a multitude of purposes. Most often though, for cooking, as offerings and in making loose incense. The flavor of foods seem richer and more intense when you cook with fresh herbs. I use dried herbs as well when I cook, but the flavor isn’t the same. The reason I like to use herbs as offerings is because I feel like the divine appreciate the love & care it takes to cultivate and grow herbs. As for why I like to use them for making loose incense, it really just comes down to the fact that I prefer the aroma of fresh herbs over processed incenses. Especially sage, lavender, peppermint and chamomile.
I have always grown my own herbs, but I do purchase some as well. For years I had a lovely herb garden that soaked up the rays of the Northern California sunshine and prospered for 5 years. When I prepared for my move to Europe in 2005, my plants had to find new homes. The aloe vera plant that had grown from a wee footling had easily become 4ft tall! That plant was the saddest for me to give away because I had turned it into something really spectacular with the love & attention I gave it. Since 2009 I haven’t had an herb garden so this year I’m starting from scratch. The adventures in herb gardening begin again.

I kept waiting for winter to show up, but with the exception of a few days that BARELY dipped below 32 degrees, we’ve had an extremely mild winter here in SE Texas. I always worry about that, because rumor has it if winter is mild, summer will be horrifically scorching. Not that horrifically scorching is any different from any other summer here in SE Texas, but anyone who lives down here knows that extreme heat is never good as we approach hurricane season.

Lately the weather has been really lovely. Low 70’s, sunshine and cool breezes. Best take advantage of it while it lasts, because it never lasts long around here. It’s prime weather for planting! Jay built me a beautiful 6ftx3ft planter box out of cedar. I cannot wait to start planting!

We recently hit up Lowe’s for some gardening essentials, namely my Jiffy greenhouse. It holds 70 plants! I planted 14 varieties of seed in it and they’ll be germinating for the next few weeks. There are dill, cilantro, oregano, catnip, lavender, marjoram, tarragon, echinacea, chives, sage, basil & rosemary in my tray. Currently the tray is under the desk in my guest room hidden in the dark. Since the tray is self watering, I have very little work to do until it’s harvest time.

I’d have to say I’m most looking forward to the lavender, echinacea & basil sprouting. My favorite herbs that I like to work with currently are lavender, chamomile, peppermint, comfrey & catnip. Once my new crop sprouts, my favorite herbs list may be revised. We’ll see.

As my little seeds begin to sprout, I’ll update you on their progress. In the meantime, happy planting!