Kindling the Fire at Home & in the Community

By the Light of the Moon


Comfortable in the embrace of Mother Nature…

A witch will find solace in the electric energy of a storm,

Falling rain and the glow of the full moon evokes raw magick.

By the Light of the Moon

The moon is bright and full.

Her light washes over the earth in soft silvery shards.

We are recharged with positive energy.

Of renewal.

Of magick.

Everything her rays touch are alive with the knowing intuition of a trusted crone.

Like an old friend… the moon whispers the secrets of the night urging us to sit in silence and listen.

Be still and listen she says… and we do.

We are the children of the earth. The children of the moon. The children of Old Ways.

We are maidens and mothers and crones. We are youth and warriors and sages.

We may often be hidden, but are no longer hiding.

We dance barefoot in the dewy grass.

We speak our intent into the wind and make offerings of sage.

We sing and chant and drum.

We jump balefires and burn parchments of spells into fruition.

We bathe in herb scented water to cleanse and purify our bodies and prepare them to stand in the presence of the divine.

We are alive with the power of the moonlit skies.

We are witches and we are everywhere.

© Bridey Lassair 2013

May this full moon find you feeling energized and full of the blessed light of Luna.




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