Kindling the Fire at Home & in the Community

Lunar Energy

Last night as we raised our faces and our voices up to the shadowy light of the full moon hidden behind the clouds, I thought about the significance and mystery of lunar energy. All of the ways in which the moon influences and takes part in our everyday lives. I thought about the ebb and flow of the tides and how the moon holds sway over them. I thought of the people with me illuminated by the fire light locked arm in arm smiling at each other. I thought about cycles… the cycles of the moon, the cycles of life, of death and of menstrual cycles. I thought about the Goddess and the fullness of pregnancy. The beauty, the mystery and the power of the blessed moon.

It made me take inventory of all the ways the moon influences my life. Often dreading working on the full moon because the hospital is a prime spot for “lunacy” to take hold, it seemed that without fail, on full moon days it was always complete chaos in the hospital. Turning inward, I’d wonder if perhaps mother nature didn’t quite get the message to the moon that I was supposed to start my “moon time”. Maybe next month I’d say. It’s been that way now for close to 15 years… never knowing when or if I’ll experience it. Hoping someday to know what it is to be the cosmic vessel through which life is born. I hold out hope and rely on modern medicine to help me achieve some semblance of hormonal balance so that someday that gift will be mine.

The moon and the Goddess are associated with water for many reasons. The waters of the earth, the waters of the womb and emotions all evoke lunar energy. Tonight we called upon water alone to cleanse and tie us to the moon, as she is tied to the oceans. This was our 2nd Esbat, but our first full moon ritual together as a circle and it felt cleansing. It was short & simple, but it was nice to stand together and honor the mystery of the moon. Prior to gathering in the circle outside we met in the classroom for a discussion on moon magick and went over some of the basics: deities associated with the moon, moon cycles, moon phase correspondences for magical workings and interesting history about moon worship. I learned things I didn’t already know such as:

Rule of Thumb

The New Moon always rises at sunrise.

The First Quarter Moon always rises at noon.

The Full Moon always rises at sunset.

The Last Quarter Moon always rises at midnight.

Interesting, eh?

While Esbat ritual is new to our circle, it is not new to me. Several years ago I used to meet at a metaphysical shop in Northern California for Full Moon rites with The Red Raven clan. We’d sing, work magick and always end the night howling at the moon. During the years I was solitary, even though I didn’t have formal gatherings or rites, I would always take the time to howl at the moon. After we returned home from circle I set my moon blessed water outside to soak up more of the moonbeams power and howled, as I always have. As I laid down to fall asleep, the patter of raindrops began and it felt as though the element of water had definitely heard us. The soothing sound of cleansing water lulled me to sleep and I woke up feeling refreshed.



One response

  1. Just lovely… this is very peacefully written.
    I’m officially adding a ‘howling’ section to our Esbat Rites from now on.

    March 10, 2012 at 6:34 pm

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