Kindling the Fire at Home & in the Community

Merry Meet & Welcome!

After many moons of thought and contemplation I’ve decided to make it a point to dedicate some of my time to writing geared solely towards my spiritual endeavors. I have kept a journal or some sort of blog for nearly 24 years, but never consistently contributed to my “Shadow Book” or wrote about my experiences & adventures as a witch.

That is about to change.

My hope is that with a dedicated space for my musings on: what it means to me to be a witch, how I perceive different things from my “witchy” eyes and my thoughts on topics relevant to modern day Pagans, that I’ll share the fire of inspiration with others.

So, a little about me. I’m Bridey, that’s not my given name, but my name in the Pagan community for some time now. I’m a 30-something witch, nurse, lover, daughter and the founder of Golden Triangle Pagan Alliance (teaching circle) & Circle of the Black Moon (ritual circle counterpart). I’m originally from Northern California, but currently reside in Southeast Texas. I live with an assortment of characters. My Mom- Irish Rose, her significant other of 15 years- Trucker, my love- Jay and our pack of Aztec chickens… um, I mean chihuahuas. There’s Leilah & Ozzy- the lifemates and 2 of their daughters Lulu & Maggie. The first 3 of the pack belong to mom, but Maggie is my babygirl.

I grew up in a very liberal military family with parents who were both very open to religion. As we got older it was pretty apparent that my mom believed in something “alternative”, but what that was, we weren’t sure. She was into herbs, crystals, clairvoyance & mediums. I remember attending a psychic faire with her when I was about 10 and thinking it was the coolest thing EVER. It wasn’t until I was about 13 that I realized my mom was Pagan. As for my dad, he identified as a Protestant while he was interested in the Christian religion. In my teens I told him I was Pagan and he said that was fine with him. Never a fuss out of my parents about my beliefs. They have always supported me in whatever I did. In my early 20’s my parents both attended rituals I was part of with my former circle in Northern California. Somewhere around when I was 24 my dad confessed to me that he thought he was agnostic. Now in my 30’s my dad says he’s an atheist, but an atheist who believes in ghosts and spiritual entities, if there is such a thing. I say he’s still agnostic.

(He also says he’s a Republican, but he raised a staunch democrat daughter who is both Pagan & bisexual. He’s fully aware of those things and hasn’t chastised or disowned me… PLUS, he’s a HUGE supporter of the separation of church and state. I say he just hasn’t come to terms with his liberalism yet.)

Jay & I have known each other since high school and remained friends for 20 years now. Last year our friendship blossomed into something much more and this February he moved from San Francisco, California to SE Texas to start a new life with me. He is my twin galaxy in this universe and the biggest part of my heart. I feel blessed and overjoyed to have such an amazing man in my life. In addition to loving me exactly the way I need to be loved, he is very open to different types of spiritualism and relishes the idea that his lady love is a “witch”. I’d say he most likely identifies as Agnostic, but he is quickly becoming a part of our teaching circle and is eager to learn about Paganism.

Aside from the people I work with, I am mostly out of the “broom-closet”. All of my family know that I’m Pagan, as do my friends. I have been fortunate in that I have been surrounded by love & support. I feel obligated to pay that forward to those I meet in the Pagan community who have not had the same reception from family or friends when they have discussed their spiritual beliefs with them. The same goes for those who are forced to practice in secrecy & cannot tell their friends or family because they fear losing them if they were to find out.

My path has grown & evolved over the last 20 years, where it is now can be most easily described as eclectic pagan because I am always lead by diverse inspirations, which are not often from a singular source. I draw on many different ideas, practices and beliefs then forge a blended spiritual path that works for me. While some people may say that I’m “doing it wrong”, I say doing what feels natural and right is what matters most to me. Doing it any other way would feel like I was indeed doing it wrong.

It is my path, I’ll be the one to walk it. You are welcome to come along for the walk, but don’t be surprised if I decide to skip or turn cartwheels if the inspiration presents itself!

Being in a leadership role for both teaching circle & ritual circle, I feel a great responsibility in creating a safe space for everyone involved. A space where everyone feels validated, respected and loved. Our circles consist of a diverse group of people of varying traditions & spiritual paths, this seems to keep things very interesting. Our discussions are lively and having such a mix of people offers different perspectives to see things from. We both enjoy and encourage members to learn from one another and teach what they know in both teaching circle & ritual practices. This has fostered a deepened sense of connection and community within our circles. That gives me a lot of pride in the fruition of a vision that my friends Rowan, Kai & I had when we decided to start our circle.

I hope that this blog helps to express the spiritual side of me and serves as a record of my adventures (or misadventures) living as a witch in the bible belt. Come along for the journey, it’s bound to be an amazing one!



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  1. I am very much looking forward to seeing what all you do here 🙂

    March 4, 2012 at 8:51 pm

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